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Aura Quartz Crystal Point Wire Wrapped Necklace

Aura Quartz Crystal Point Wire Wrapped Necklace

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This listing is for 1 handmade artisan necklace featuring a beautiful Aura Quartz crystal wire wrapped with pure sterling silver wire. This necklace is sure to make a great addition to your energy healing jewelry collection. Aura quartz is soothing and heals the mind. Use it to amplify your intentions and strengthen your intuition.

Made with a waxed cotton cord and a sliding knot with an adjustable length of 14-22 inches. Since this is a handmade item and no two crystals are alike each one may have slight differences but will still look like the necklace pictured.

Each piece of Stellar Fae Jewelry comes in a gift box and to help preserve the finish of your piece you will also receive a polishing cloth and an extra storage bag with an anti-tarnish strip to store your jewelry in. 




Ships Free USPS Insured


If needed gently clean your silver jewelry with the shining cloth provided or a soft toothbrush and a drop of dawn dish soap.

All jewelry is cleansed with smudge and charged with positive intentions before being sent to its new home.

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