Custom Jewelry Creations

Custom Stellar Fae Jewelry Creation Info

Each month I open up a limited amount of spots for customs. This allows me as the sole jeweler of Stellar Fae to be able to continue to work on my personal collections and creations.
If there are no current custom openings I will let you know the soonest I can schedule you in.


*If I have your stone *IN STOCK* the custom will take  7-21 days to complete.
*If I have to order your stone, depending on where I order your stone from, it can take 1-3 weeks to arrive. Once I have received your stone the normal processing time of 7-21 days will begin. I will keep you updated the entire time with tracking updates on the stone so that you will know when your custom work has begun.


Each custom begins with a free consulation.
Please submit an inquiry for custom creation with the following-
*Specify necklace, ring, ect.
*Sterling Silver or Electroform
*Type of Stone - Color & Shape
*Theme of the piece
*Drawings and pictures for reference

I will get back to you within 3 days with any questions I have and to begin working on your design.
Once a design has been decided upon I will send you a custom price quote. If you are happy with that quote 50% of the payment is due up front and the remainder at the time of shipping. Once the 50% up front payment is received I will begin working on your special piece. 

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