The Unseen - The Reel of Rhysia - Review & Jewelry Inspo
The Unseen (The Reel of Rhysia Book 1), by author Lilla Glass
Genre- Fantasy
Book Rating   ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
Spice Rating- None but still a good read if you're a hopeful romantic like me!
The Unseen is a dark and whimsical fae-filled fantasy book with just the right amount of horror, adventure, self-discovery, mystery, and a hint of romance that kept me turning pages!
The Unseen - The Reel of Rhysia - Review & Jewelry Inspo
The story begins by introducing characters both human and Fae whose paths eventually cross, some friend and some foe. As their journey unfolds they realize they must work together to face the dangers lurking in and between both realms.
There's Brannon the cold-hearted assassin who has some serious daddy issues. He's grumpy, untrustworthy, and selfish but I couldn’t help warming up to him in the end. 
Aedyn the Fae prince who is bored and seeking adventure at any cost. He’s a bit of a flirt but also a dreamy charming romantic who sees the good in everyone.
Lydia and Tawny, are two mysterious girls and the catalyst for much of the story so I won't go into many details about them but there are many surprises with these two. 
And then there's Elwyn, a thief with a big heart and the gift of unremarkability. Even though she's trying to disappear she longs to be seen. Though much of the mystery of the other characters was revealed Elwyn is still a bit of an enigma that I can't wait to find out more about.
And finally, there's Luatha, a Piskie from the realm of the Unseen bonded to Elwyn for unknown reasons. She's exactly like I picture the Fae, a little sour, a little sweet. Her trickster-like dark & whimsical rhymes throughout the book were a joy to read and a testament to the cleverness and talent of the author's writing skills.
Amidst all the intriguing characters I was also drawn to Gelah, Elwyn’s crescent-shaped dagger that sometimes emits a violet glow and rots the flesh at a touch. Not much info is given on it or how Elwyn came into possession of it but it's hinted that it has Fae origins like its name, Gelah, which translates to Moon in Rhysian. Of course, I felt inspired to recreate Elwyn's dagger with my depiction of runes on it and a pink amethyst and mother-of-pearl doublet that emits a violet glow similar to how I imagine Gelah did. The runes I found fitting and put on the dagger were ᛉ - Algiz for protection and defense. ᛈ - Perthro for fate, chance, mystery, destiny, and secrets. And ᚺ - Hagalaz for destruction, uncontrolled forces, and being tested.
The Unseen - The Reel of Rhysia - Review & Jewelry Inspo
Though the number of characters and different factions/houses within the different Fae courts was a little overwhelming at first, I couldn't help but appreciate the depth it gave the story once it all came together. The ending left me wanting more and I am looking forward to the next book!!!
I think you’ll enjoy this book if you like-
Fae Lore
Found Family
Broken Stabby Characters
TWs: profanity, child abuse, violence/murder/death.

Thank you to NetGalley and Lilla Glass for providing me an ARC copy of The Unseen The Reel of Rhysia in exchange for an honest review.
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