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Algiz, Perthro, Hagalaz Rune Dagger Necklace - The Unseen (The Reel of Rhysia) Book Inspired

Algiz, Perthro, Hagalaz Rune Dagger Necklace - The Unseen (The Reel of Rhysia) Book Inspired

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Inspired by The Unseen The Reel of Rhysia Book, a dark and whimsical fae-filled fantasy with just the right amount of horror, adventure, self-discovery, mystery, and a hint of romance that kept me turning pages!
Not only did I really love the world, the fae lore, and all the characters in this book but I was really drawn to Gelah. A crescent-shaped dagger that belongs to Elwyn. It's believed to have Fae origins like its name, Gelah, which translates to Moon in Rhysian. It has runes on it and sometimes emits a violet glow and rots the flesh at a touch.
I immediately had visions of what Runes I wanted to put on the inspired piece and got to work soon after I finished the book to create this beautiful crescent-shaped dagger necklace with a pink amethyst and mother-of-pearl doublet that emits a violet glow similar to how I imagine Gelah did. The runes I chose were
ᛉ - Algiz for protection and defense.
ᛈ - Perthro for fate, chance, mystery, destiny, and secrets.
And ᚺ - Hagalaz for destruction, uncontrolled forces, and being tested.
Made using fine silver, .925 silver,  every element of this pendant was hammered, sawed, soldered, and polished by me to create a piece that looks as dangerous as it is beautiful.
The pendant is 2.5" long x 1.5" wide.
Please choose one of the following chain options and type the desired choice into the box.
Black Cotton Cord with an Adjustable Knot from 14" to 22"
1.85mm Rope chain in 20" with lobster clasp.
1.85mm Rope chain in 24" with lobster clasp.
If you'd like to read more about the book you can check out my full review at 

I am a small-batch creator. Each piece of jewelry I make is designed, sawed, hammered, soldered, polished, given a rustic patina, stamped .925 for purity, and given the Stellar Fae Creations makers mark by me in small-town GA.




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If needed gently clean your silver jewelry with the shining cloth provided or a soft toothbrush and a drop of dawn dish soap.

All jewelry is cleansed with smudge and charged with positive intentions before being sent to its new home.

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