About Stellar Fae

Hi! My name is Tasha and I am the visionary behind Stellar Fae.
I use my love for unique jewelry and my love for magick and the power of transformation to bring empowering creations to life.
I look to the beauty in nature and in the skies for inspiration in my work as well as the fantasy books I read. 
My inspirations usually sync up with other signs and synchronicity in my life that make them feel much more empowering. I've been told my jewelry looks as if it is telling a story and I believe it is. Each piece has a unique story or intention to adorn and transform its wearer
When I first got the inspiration to make jewelry I was a stay at home, mother of 3, who had just lost her mother and felt like I needed to fill a great void my grief had left me with. One day while looking at old photos of my mom, admiring all the super cool jewelry she would wear when she was younger, I was reminded of all the times we would go to places and look for jewelry like this but we could never seem to find it. This is where the idea first came to me to make jewelry. and I thought, "I must be crazy."
I had no tools and zero experience and I knew that it would be a huge risk to invest in something that I may not even be any good at. But I couldn't stop thinking about it or watching videos on how to do it, (thank you YouTube). Then one day while I was out playing with my kids I lost a very important necklace my mother had given to me. I prayed and I said please let me find this necklace and if I do I will know its a sign to start making jewelry. Sure enough I found the necklace that day outside in a pile of leaves. I realized it had come off the chain because the bail was broken. I knew my first project would be fixing my necklace and it was this tiny step that opened the door to so much more. 
Speaking of my mother, her name was Marie. She was the most gypsy boho soul I ever met and has been a total inspiration for me my whole life. She gave me my first crystal and taught me about the magic of the stars and the moon, and to be a dreamer. Since she passed I believe she has been guiding me to this path I am on now. We used to have talks about opening an apothecary shop or a metaphysical type of business one day. She always believed I could do it, I just wish she was here to be a part of it.
As I began to make more and more jewelry it became clear to me that I didn't want to just make pretty jewelry but I wanted it to have purpose. To help, to heal, to make someone feel stronger or even calmer, and I was able to do this by using my love and knowledge of crystals in my designs. 
From day one making jewelry has always felt right. I can honesty say I love what I do. Plus I get to wear this pretty rad safety mask!
I'm a one woman show here at Stellar Fae Creations, from hand making my jewelry, to taking photos and marketing, to putting your orders into cute packaging with lots of little extras, and I enjoy every bit of it.
 I am so grateful for this journey I'm on and each day I'm thankful for all of your love and support, and I hope you will follow along with me as this path unfolds.