Forged By Magic Book Review

Forged By Magic
Falling For Fables #1
Author    Jenna Wolfhart
Genre    FantasyRomance
Book Rating   ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
Spice Rating   🌶️🌶️/5  


“Forged by Magic” is a pleasant fae-filled fantasy romance with dragons & spice and everything nice. I was first drawn to this book by the cover art and soon realized I wouldn’t be able to put it down as I always enjoy a well-written book with magic, mystery, & enough enemies-to-lovers vibes to meet my needs. 
Daella is a half-blood orc, held captive by the Ice Giant Emperor for 16 years, only let out of her tower for her ability to sniff out Dragons and Draugrs - those who use dragon magic - a magic so powerful that it consumes and corrupts any who dare to use it. The Emperor has promised to finally set her free if she can hunt down the last of those using this forbidden magic. She sets sail to an unknown island where they are rumored to be hiding but a storm destroys her ship and washes her ashore where she is then not so welcomed by Rivelin, a handsome yet bitter elf who promptly makes an enemy of her as he throws the dagger her mother gave her into the sea.
Now, Daella, with a reputation as a mercenary who hunts Draugr for the Ice Giant, is stuck on the suspiciously dragon-scented island until the storm that shipwrecked her moves on. Rivelin is tasked to house her and charm her by showing her the beauty of the island while also keeping its secrets hidden. To further distract her, he makes her his apprentice for the Midsummer Games - a magical competition where the winner will be granted any wish as long as it doesn't cause harm. Of course, there are enemies and foes and trickery within the competition, and all this hypes up the conflicting emotions between Daella and Rivelin and makes it even harder for them to trust each other. They both want to win to protect what they love but at what cost? Will Rivelin betray his kind for his feelings for her? Will she become the thing she was always taught to hunt and hate? 
This book was definitely worth the read. I loved the main characters, Daella and Rivelin, and how you get a chance to read the story from both of their POVs. The enemies to lovers was quick-paced but kept my interest. These two may have a lot of distrust with each other but both are longing for someone to share their secrets with and no doubt they can't deny the chemistry that is taking place between them. Let’s just say the blacksmith’s forge isn't the only room of his house that gets a little steamy!!  
I found the world-building with the many parts of the island and the small village warm and welcoming much like the side characters who added a lot of charm to the story.
The ending did feel a little rushed, like something was missing, like it was building to something a little more epic then just ended a little flat, but at least it was a nice happy ending. 
The second book in this series, Brewed in Magic, is already out and even though it will be more focused on Rivelin’s sister I am excited to dive into it as I really liked her character in this book. 
⚔️Enemies to Lovers
⚔️Steamy fae fantasy romance
⚔️Forced Proximity
⚔️Dual POV
⚔️Magical Trials
⚔️Magical Creatures
⚔️Possessive Growling
⚔️FMC With Dagger 
Thank you to NetGalley and Jenna Wolfhart for providing me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review
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