Book Court of Claws
Court of Claws
Book 2 - Blood of a Fae Series
Author    Briar Boleyn
Book Rating  4.5 Stars!!!
Spice Rating 3 out of 5
White Hair Witch
“I’m in awe of you, every part of you. Can’t you tell? I’m spellbound. You’ve awakened something in me I thought was long dead. Something I never thought I’d come close to feeling again.”
Court of Claws is a fae-filled fantasy & dark romance full of action, friendships, betrayal, heartbreak, magic curses, and interesting twists that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!!!
After the events that took place at the end of Queen of Roses, Draven knows it isn’t safe for Morgan to return to Pendrath wounded and without Excalibur. He instead takes her to his home, the Court of Umbral Flames, a beautiful kingdom full of secrets, danger, and court intrigue. Here he plans to take part in the Blood Rite, a series of treacherous magical and mystical creature-filled trials. If he can win, he will become ruler of the Siabra and he’ll have the full use of its army to help Morgan return to her own kingdom and save her friends and family from the brutal war her brother, King Arthur, has begun. Though Draven means well, Morgan wakes up pissed as all hell when she realizes she isn’t allowed to return home just yet and that she must pretend to be Dravens paramore for protection from members of his court. While Draven competes in the trials Morgan makes some new friends as well as enemies while she discovers more of her past and who Draven really is and it all comes crashing together for another wild cliffhanger ending!!
Briar Bolyn has a way of creating complex and diverse characters that are impossible not to become emotionally involved with and Court of Claws did not disappoint. The relationships that Morgan formed with each of them felt authentic and not just page filler. 
I think my favorite part of this book was finally getting to know more about the sandalwood and smoke-scented Draven! I really love how much he steps up his game in Court of Claws!! No matter how strong the walls were that Morgan put up, he came with the strength and determination to tear them down and I finally got some of that spicy goodness I wanted for these two! There were times in the book I was a bit perturbed by Morgan's behavior towards Draven and his own lack of communication with her but I also understood both of their motives and reasoning for this. 
I really enjoyed how Morgan stood up for herself and spoke her mind in this book. She also seems to have a knack for attracting grumpy but lovable types and making friends with them and it really showed that she is quite charming beneath her hardened exterior.
Though the histories of the Fae, and the characters and settings within the Court of Claws and Queen of Roses were unique to each book, I am eagerly anticipating to see how book 3, Empress of Fae, will weave them both together. I've already pre-ordered my copy on Amazon and can't wait to find out what comes next for Morgan and Draven as well as the many lovable characters that remain from both books.
Empress of Fae will be available on October 25, 2023!!
Empress of Fae Book
Read Court of Claws If You're Into-
Broken Stabby FMC
Fae Court Intrigue
Plot twists, Cliffhangers
Touch Her And You Die
Slow Burn/One Bed
Relationship of Convenience
Mystical Creatures and Magic

Thank you to NetGalley and Briar Boleyn for providing me an ARC of Court of Claws in exchange for an honest review.
-This is a dark fantasy romance - so please check the trigger warnings before reading this book.-
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