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Magickal Realms Key Necklace - Orion - Mother of Pearl & Quartz

Magickal Realms Key Necklace - Orion - Mother of Pearl & Quartz

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Magickal Realms of Sea, Earth & Sky, which realm would you most like to unlock passage to?

This key necklace was made with tiny metal Ash tree leaves and faceted quartz crystal on top of mother of pearl.

Ash Trees symbolize protection, and good fortune, and can also help connect with the energy necessary for divination and dreamwork.

Enchanting mother of pearl topped with a quartz crystal that catches the light in a most mystical way. Mother of pearl attracts abundance while stimulating intuition and creativity, quartz crystal is placed on top for the amplification of the mother of pearl properties and to help bring your manifestations and desires to fruition.

Keys have always been associated with the Goddess Hecate. Hecate is known as "The Keeper of the Keys" to the cosmos and the underworld. It is said her keys represent protection from harm and unlocking the mysteries of magic. Keys themselves are spiritual symbols of gateways and portals to the unknown,  knowledge, mysteries, and powers. 

The pendant is approximately 2.5" long x 1.5" wide. 

This pendant necklace comes with an adjustable cotton cord in the length of 34" or a spinel bead rosary chain or cotton cord with wire-wrapped ends with a clasp and jump ring in your preferred length. See pics for reference. If you prefer something other than the adjustable cotton cord please type your chain choice and the length you desire into the box above.

I am a small-batch creator. My copper electroform jewelry is created in an intricate and lengthy process of fusing copper with low-voltage electricity. There are several stages to creating a piece and the whole process can take over a week to finish. The final creation is oxidized, polished, and then given a skin-safe coating that allows the finish to last longer. 


Copper, Mother of Pearl, Quartz


The pendant is approximately 3.25" long x 2.25" wide and the necklace is a waxed cotton cord with an adjustable knot in 34" length.


Ships Free USPS Insured


Please keep your jewelry and its protective coating dry in order to keep it in its best condition. The protective coating is resistant but not eternal. Without a protective coating, sweat and other things like soap and lotions can react with the copper to turn your skin green and oxidize the copper. If this happens you can polish it with a little lemon juice and a soft cloth and then coat it with clear nail polish in order to return it back to its original condition.

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